The annual Edina Rotary Bowling Event was Jan. 28. More than 40 Rotarians and guests (including Youth Exchange student Justine Onama) gathered at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park to dine, compare custom bowling shirts and be divided up into teams for the cutthroat competition. Door prizes were given out (many great door prizes!) and gutter balls and strikes were thrown. After the pins had settled, the winners and losers were awarded their trophies. 


Sonja Tengdin was awarded the "Best Bowler" trophy for achieving the highest individual score of the night. Jim Platt cheerfully accepted the award for the lowest individual score of the evening. 

The team with the lowest scores of the night, or the "Biggest Losers," were Arlene Chung (who accompanied Rotarian Jack Atnip to the event), Club Administrator Jennifer Garske and Dave Tengdin. 

The team with the second highest scores of the night were David Aase, Kelly Sprague, Michael Stanzak and Sonja Tengdin. 

And the winning team of the night, with the highest scores, were John Flynn, Paul Mooty, Jeff Ohe and Nancy Slyce. Congratulations to all the winners!

Event chair Mark Jessen received a round of applause for the successful event, as well as his co-chairs, John Buttolph and Sutton McGraw. Thanks for all your hard work!