Oct 31, 2019
Prospective Member Day: Lexi Reed Holtum, SRHN
Prospective Member Day: Lexi Reed Holtum, Steve Rummler Hope Network

Lexi Reed Holtum, Executive Director and Lobbyist of the Steve Rummler Hope Network, has been with the organization since its inception in 2011. Lexi leads and fosters the growth of the organizations three programs; Prescriber Education, Advocacy, and Overdose Awareness. Lexi is instrumental in the passage of public health and safety laws enabling the state to have tools and resources needed to address the opioid crisis. She’s created the Network’s Overdose Prevention Program and established partnerships with hospitals, treatment and sober living facilities, first responders, treatment courts, colleges, and communities in order to reduce opioid overdose deaths. Lexi engages experts in the field of addiction and chronic pain to produce non-biased enduring CMEs which are utilized by doctors and medical students in 40 states, Austria, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. In addition, she is a nationally sought-after speaker and advocate. Her testimony in Washington DC has offered perspective to government agencies as they adjust the ways we approach our national opioid epidemic. Lexi is a person in long-term recovery from the disease of addiction, the proud mother of one child, and she was Steve Rummler's fiancé.