Posted by Kip Peterson on Nov 22, 2017
The annual Thanksgiving Baskets celebration was held on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Nov. 22, when Rotarians, friends and family from both the Rotary Club of Edina and Edina Morningside Rotary Club gathered at Edina Country Club. Noticeably absent was Henrietta the Turkey…
There were 165 Rotarians and guests at the event—113 from our club, 47 from EMRC and 5 Interact students. This was a record-setting crowd, according to Thanksgiving Baskets organizer Michael Stanzak. The clubs assembled and delivered 80 baskets to those in need in the community.
For more on the event, click on this link to view a City of Edina video.
Host Michael Stanzak welcomed the crowd to his “meeting without an agenda.” 
Michael recognized several important contributors to the Thanksgiving Basket event, including:
  • Committee members Mary Hustad, Jen Garske and  EMRC member Jane Ehresmann.
  • Dick Teegen and Thom Winninger for organizing the first event in the late '90s, now responsible for over 1,000 Thanksgiving meals delivered to needy families.
  • Jean Morrison (Henrietta the turkey), Dave Hatzung (Maniacal Chef Dave) and Bob Solheim (Mr. Fire) for helping promote the event.
  • Jane and Mike Ehresmann for purchasing the oranges and donating the bread for the baskets.
  • Scott MacDonald for gathering 80 pies.
  • Tom Ries, Erick Ries and Tom Bach for gathering and assembling 80 boxes.
  • Ted Field, EMRC member, for collecting mittens and hats to include in each basket.
  • Jean and Paul Mooty for their generous donation of wool throws.
  • Jen Garske for her organization and administration of the event.
  • Mary Hustad— the “Queen” (which confused many of us who thought he was referring to Jeff Ohe)—who was responsible for coordinating the delivery of all 80 baskets.
After captivating us once again with his tale about “A father, a Daughter, and a Dog,” Michael announced the teams and the crowd dispersed to spread holiday cheer and goodwill.