The Rotary Club of Edina will have a special program for the Thursday, Dec. 7, meeting. Rotarians Tim Murphy and Sandy Schley will present “A World, A Way; The Story of Moses.” They will tell the story of how a 3 year-old Kenyan boy's life is changed forever after meeting Past District Governor Schley in the Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi Kenya in 2007. Tim and Sandy will share what led up his trip to the United States for eye surgery and extensive dental work in 2010. Since then, the continued generosity of  Rotarians in the Twin Cities is providing his education and a life outside the slums back in Kenya.   
Special Guests will be Moses Mwaura, his uncle David Waithaka and partner Subira.
Rotarian Susan Stiles will give her classification talk at the meeting.
For more on the incredible story of Moses, here are the words of Rotarian Paul Mooty at this year's Edina Rotary Foundation Fundraiser & Gala in September 2017:
"It is hard to believe that it was seven years ago that we made the initial ask at the Fundraiser to raise funds for Moses’ education—we raised over $25,000 at that time and it was an amazing outpouring of support.
"I have to tell you that, for me, the story of Moses is one of the most, if not the most significant, and touching Edina Rotary efforts in my 18 years in this Club. I recall Sandy Schley sharing her story of seeing Moses on her first trip to Africa and then encountering him again on her return visit. The story ends there but for Sandy’s heart to help this young boy with the crossed eyes living in abject poverty. At that time, if Sandy’s sharing of the story did not bring tears to your eyes then there was something wrong with you.  
"Imagine, a little boy living half-way around the world in such poverty that we cannot even begin to comprehend; meeting a woman by happen stance who had the compassion and heart to want to help him; and then a group of people who had never met this little boy making extraordinary efforts to bring him here and provide life changing surgery on his eyes.  

"The number of acts of kindness by so many is unbelievable and for me is the absolute demonstration of  'Service Above Self.'
"The acts of kindness did not end there. A group of us were meeting and we thought that while Moses' eyes were now fixed, he was going back to the poverty and life he came from. We wondered what else we could do and the idea of helping him get an education was born. It was our hope that if we could help this young man rise out of the circumstance he was living in and get a good education, he would grow into a leader in his community. The seed we sow with Moses will hopefully provide a bountiful harvest for many for years to come. 
"So, we ask all of you tonight, to consider investing in the continuing education of Moses. As you have heard already, the impact that has been made has been tremendous. While we have provided the funds to make this happen, it is Moses who has turned this opportunity into reality through his hard work and commitment (of course with the love and support of his teachers and family). We should all be very proud of Moses and know that we have made an excellent investment in the future.
"Moses will be visiting here from early to mid-December and it is my hope that you all get to meet this special young man and see for yourself what an impact we have had in his life and I have no doubt after meeting him, he will have an equally significant impact on your life. Thank you for what you have already done and for considering helping further."
Rotarian Susan Stiles will give her classification talk at the meeting.
The Rotary Club of Edina meets at 12:15 p.m. Thursdays at the Rotary Club of Edina. All are welcome. Cost for lunch and the program is $20 for adults, $12 for children. Cash, check and credit card payments are accepted.