At its 60th anniversary celebration Oct. 5, the Rotary Club of Edina recognized its longest-serving members, Don Erickson and Frank Cardarelle.
The Rotary Club of Edina was formed in August of 1957, and its Charter Night held Oct. 7 of that year. Erickson and Cardarelle were both part of that milestone, with Erickson joining on Aug. 26, 1957, and Cardarelle joining on Aug. 27, 1957.
Both Cardarelle and Erickson served as Club President. Erickson served as the club’s seventh president in 1963 and 1964.Cardarelle was the club’s 14th president in 1969 and 1970. The club’s other Past Presidents were also honored at the “Diamond Jubilee” celebration. Other Past Presidents in attendance were Dan Hallberg, 1980-81; Bill Clynes, 1983-84; Dennis Hykes, 1990-91; Les Wanninger, 1996-97; Bob Solheim, 1997-98; Tom McNellis, 1998-99; Bob Hildreth, 1999-00; Patti Ellingson Solheim, 2001-02; Bob Stehlik, 2003-03; Brad Hepp, 2003-04; Sandy Schley, 2005-06; Tim Murphy, 2006-07; Terry Stevens, 2007-08; Paul Mooty, 2008-2009; Woodrow “Wooj” Byun, 2011-12; Scott MacDonald, 2012-13; Steve Slyce, 2013-14; Jeff Ohe, 2014-2015; Jennifer Bennerotte, 2015-2016;
and Ann Platt, 2016-17.
Josh Sprague and MacDonald were recognized as the club’s “Membership Pillars,” those who have sponsored the most members. Sprague has sponsored 13 members and MacDonald has sponsored 11. MacDonald was also recognized as the club’s Membership Pillar at its 50th anniversary celebration in

For information on the club’s history or 60th anniversary celebration, contact Jennifer Bennerotte, or 612-201-3467.
For membership information, contact Membership Director Greg Yoch, or 415-225-3855.