The Rotary Club of Edina will welcome Tina Rexing as program speaker at the Thursday, Oct. 12, meeting. Rexing is founder of the T-Rex Cookie Company. She'll speak about entrepreneurship in a talk titled "#Size Matters: Telling Your Story, Selling Your Story." 
Wooj Byun, a past president of our club, will give a Six-Carat Talk at the meeting, in honor of our Diamond Jubilee 60th Anniversary year. 
After over 20 years in a traditional corporate career positions, Tina Rexing decided to hang up her cubicle shoes for her signature Doc Marten combat boots and knee socks. During her years in corporate, Rexing competed in the baking competitions at the Minnesota State Fair as a hobby. In January 2015, she took her hobby to the next level and started T-Rex Cookie Company.  In a little over two years in business T-Rex Cookie has made appearances on NBC's Today Show, Fox's Jason Show and a number of local television and radio broadcasts. Video of Rexing's 5-pound cookie has made an appearance on Insider Food with over 3 million views; and her half-pound Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie was voted "No. 1 cookie in America" by TimeOut magazine in 2015.
Rexing will discuss entrepreneurship in a talk titled "#Size Matters: Telling Your Story, Selling Your Story." She generally gives talks on how she got from point A—new entrepreneur on the block, to point B—appearing on the Today Show and getting chosen as a vendor for the Super Bowl. It's based on telling the story of following her passion of baking and focusing on a product that differentiates me from other cookies...SIZE. Her basic points will be: 
Figure out who you are.
Ask yourself what your passion is.
Do the non-Minnesotan thing and talk about it...a lot.   
The Rotary Club of Edina meets at 12:15 p.m. Thursdays at the Edina Country Club. All are welcome. Cost for lunch and the program is $20 for adults, $12 for children. Cash, check and credit card payment are accepted. There is a service fee on all credit card transactions.