The Edina Rotary Foundation is the charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Edina.
The Foundation is led by officers President Shelly Loberg, President Elect Paul Peterson, Secretary Lisa Walker, Treasurer Gerry Norton and Past President Joe Hayes. Joining the Rotary Club of Edina’s officers to make up the Edina Rotary Foundation Board of Directors are John Flynn, Mike Kallas, Dan Mott, Susan Stiles, Sam Thompson and Ryan Wilson.
The Foundation provides funding for the club’s committee projects of the Community Service, International Service and Youth Service committees. It also reviews recommendations for grants forwarded by the club’s Community Service and International Service committees. Approximately 60 percent of the Foundation’s budget is spent locally. The other 40 percent is dedicated to international service projects.
Money for the Foundation is primarily raised at two annual fundraisers, the Edina Car Show and the Edina Rotary Foundation Fundraiser & Gala. Proceeds from the Foundation’s permanent endowment, the Edina Rotary Legacy Fund, also fund the Foundation’s annual budget.
The Foundation includes Investment, Endowment, Car Show and Fundraiser subcommittees.
The Edina Rotary Foundation Board of Directors typically meets 7:30 a.m. the fourth Wednesday of the month.